Parents & Guardians,

We would like to update all of you on an upcoming change. Beginning this year, all 7th-12th grade students will receive their own individual Chromebook during enrollment that they will be allowed to take home. All other students will still have Chromebooks to use but they will remain in the classrooms at all times. The funding used to purchase the Chromebooks in grades 7th-12th came from the Emergency Connectivity Fund, which is a part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This was specifically designed to help students in schools support remote learning. Because of this, the school has to allow students the option to take the Chromebooks home with them.

We understand that by allowing the students to take the devices home with them the likelihood of damages occurring will increase. To help with this, McLoud Public Schools has established a Chromebooks protection insurance plan. This gives parents the option to purchase insurance to help cover the repair or replacement costs of these school owned devices. This is completely voluntary and is not required. The cost of insurance for the 22-23 school year will be $25 per student. These devices will be handed out during enrollment, along with necessary forms requiring both student and parent/guardian signatures.

Please review the Student Chromebook Care & Use Policy at the link below, as it will likely have answers to any questions you may have:

Student Chromebook Care & Use Policy