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Distance Learning Info.

June 2, 2020

Greetings McLoud Family.   I hope this finds all of you doing well.  As you may know, a seventeen member committee has met to brainstorm ideas for distance learning if it is needed in the fall.  We are hopeful school will be back to “normal” however, we want to be prepared.  The committee discussed everything from policies and procedures for device checkout to taking attendance for virtual learners.  Administrators have taken the ideas and recommendations of the committee to solidify our distance learning plan for McLoud Public Schools.

I first want to stress that distance learning in the future will not look like it did this spring.  Our students will be provided daily access to instruction.  This may come in a variety of forms including but not limited to live teaching, prerecorded videos of teaching, YouTube videos, live meetings, and written instructions with examples. Instructional activities will be provided to support, enrich, and review instruction.  Our distance learning will mimic an in-person classroom to provide a quality learning experience.  

Google Classroom will be our delivery platform.  Training for Google Classroom will be provided to parents and guardians during enrollment. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable with our system of delivery.  School closures could happen at a moment’s notice and we want to be prepared.  We also understand that some families may not feel safe sending their children to school in the fall.  In these cases, we will have a  high caliber method of delivery in place to assure our students have the best chance at academic growth and success. 

Rest assured our administrators and staff are working hard to have solutions for every possible scenario we might encounter in the upcoming school year.  Please continue to check our web page and Facebook pages for updates.  


Steve Stanley


McLoud Public Schools