A transcript is a legal document that details a student's academic achievement in high school. All high school transcripts generally contain the following information:

Courses, grades, and credits for each grade completed, beginning with grade nine.

A transcript will include current cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) and class rank based on a 4.0 non-weighted scale including the anticipated graduation date (final transcripts include actual date of graduation) and ACT or SAT test scores if available.

Honors Diploma, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Oklahoma Academic Scholar and Oklahoma’s Promise Candidate will also appear on the final transcript if applicable.
A transcript provides admissions and scholarship committees with important objective data. All colleges, and most scholarship programs, will request an official transcript which must have a signature, stamp, or seal verifying its authenticity. Unofficial transcripts are exactly the same as official transcripts except there is no signature or seal.

Students and parents can obtain a copy of their transcript in the high school west office upon request. Past graduates may request a transcript by mailing or faxing a signed request including date of birth and full name (maiden name) as it appears on the transcript to: McLoud High School, PO Box 60 McLoud, OK 74851 or Fax (405) 964-4458 or coming to the office in person.