Hello all,

This is a guide to get you going with distance learning. All of the interaction between students and teachers will take place through the links under the distance learning section at our website-mcloudschools.us. Once in the section, click on the link that identifies your student’s schools site. Once at the page for the right school site, use the links present to get access to the resources and assignments needed for your students. The elementary, intermediate, junior high, and high school campuses are utilizing Google Classroom to deliver their Resources and Assignments.


2nd & 3rd grade-Join the Google Classroom for your student’s grade. All the resources and assignments will be arranged by topics that relate to the subject taught.

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade-Join all of the subject area classrooms for your student’s grade. Within each subject will be the assignments and resources needed.

High School Students-Join the classes for all subjects and find the assignments organized by class name and teacher name. Be sure to get the right subject and teacher for your projects.

For all projects and resources there will be additional instructions about how to submit your assignments, grading, etc. Please be courteous and if you have questions about the assignments email the teacher who assigned them. Any issues that can’t be answered by the teachers, please email distancelearning@mcloudschools.us. You will get a response in a timely manner.

Use the videos and links below to help with accessing those classes and how to join a Google Classroom.