Welcome to the Counselor's Page!

Students, parents and others interested in information regarding high school graduation requirements, colleges and universities, technology centers, the military or careers will find useful links here. Meeting deadlines and a keen awareness of important dates are vital in securing scholarships, admission to colleges, entering the military, or landing a great job. Your Guidance Counselor is a valuable resource. Make an appointment to see them soon.

Upcoming Events:

  • December 12- Air Force Representative will be here to visit with the Seniors during PRIDE
  • December 18 and 19- Finals 

Seniors: It’s not too early to start applying for scholarships. Visit FastWeb.com. FastWeb is your connection to scholarships, colleges, financial aid and more. 

FAFSA- It's that time of year to start applying for financial aid if you are planning to go to college.  If you need assistance completing this application, sign up with Ms. Bump to receive assistance on November 4th.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment as well.


DEC 14, 2019FEB 8, 2020
APR 4, 2020
JUN 13, 2020
JUL 18, 2020

Register at actstudent.org    MHS Code is 372-340

TEST FEES:  ACT $52.00,  ACT with writing $68.00

If you cannot afford the test fee, ask your counselor about requesting a fee waiver.